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A 10MT/Hr Combination Water-Fire tube Steam Boiler installation in progress. Location : Senggarang ,Batu Pahat, Johor

POLYFINE ENGINEERING SDN. BHD. is an engineering specialist of Steam Boiler Erection & Installation, Dust Collector, Air Pre-Heater, Economizer fabricator and other industry application equipment designed & build since 1997. The company has always been very sensitive to innovation and control of the reliability of the product and has invested much resource in engineering system design which has become an important element in the company’s philosophy.

The use of advanced technologies together with effective quality and supervision control procedures has created a wide range of up-to-date system. With several of backup support network, Polyfine’s technical staff can designed and customized industry application solutions, subjected to severe controls both during designing and commissioning to have highly reliable and performance in boiler system.



We have built up a strong business foundation in boiler repair and re-installation in Malaysia’s Industry. We have fabricated wide range of Used and new boiler such as Package Steam Boiler, Horizontal Combination Boiler, Bi-Drum Water Tube Boiler and Underfired (UFM) Multi-tubular Steam Boiler for wood industry even food and plastic industry. As a specialist engineering company, Polyfine has under takes many projects on buyer demand basis. These include feasibility studies, system design, construction, installation and commissioning of variety of plants, such as: Steam Boiler Station, Thermal Oil Heater Plant, Steam Pressure Reduce Station, Air Pollution Control Equipment, Dehumidifier Dryer Plant, Heat Exchanger System in food industry and Dryer chamber for rubber glove industry. A strict quality control programme and emphasis on equipment resourcing and innovation has helped Polyfine to become an advance boiler and steam system designer and fabricator.

  • Multicyclone Dust Collector Installation
  • MDC-80 c/w Water Scrubber

Polyfine has a philosophy of employee empowerment which is not only an enormous expression of faith and confident in people, but also a well thought out business strategy. It ensured that our group absorb new technologies and brings out new products to the market faster. It also ensured that we will respond to customer faster, delivering better value for money.

Polyfine believes that it is employee empowerment that will take it to the goal of becoming a domestic centre of engineering excellence in energy and environment. We have been in the energy and environment business long enough to know that a customer buys our equipment for reliability, dependability and return on investment. Since we entered this business many years; designed and installed steam boiler for industrial used, included setting up a giant boiler house for a turbine system for in house power plant; we have abided by one principle – we never short change the customer. It is an article of faith with our group to customer.

4 Million Kcal Thermal Oil heater installation in progress. Location : Tongkang Pechah,Batu Pahat, Johor

Economic Package Boiler

Most popular range of boilers in the market. Standard working pressures 150 psi and 250 psi with British standard and specifications